Social Media… in Hull?  - How can I benefit?

If you think you don’t need to be on Facebook or Twitter and all the others, because people will not be interested, think again!


Dettol UK has ¼ Million followers on Facebook (Dettol India has almost ¾ Million followers) and that is just for a Hand soap dispenser!


Special K has over ONE MILLION followers ……. Its breakfast cereal and Coca-Cola has almost SEVENTY MILLION Followers and it’s a fizzy drink!!!!!


Why? Because people LIKE to know what their favourite brands are doing, so whatever you do, don’t discount the immense power of social media!

We can help……How?

We can set up your social media sites, design them, help build up your followers and likes, design adverts and posts and even look after the whole thing for you from just £25 per week. If you would like to join the revolution before it’s too late or just want some intermediate help, give us a call – were social butterflies in Hull and can really help you off to a great start!




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