Eyebrows – the perfect statement

Eyebrows have always been a big issue in the beauty industry. They not only surround our eyes but put them in the right focus of our face. That’s why her styling is very important. A few years ago thin eyebrows were the must-have of the fashion scene. But since Cara Delevingne, bushy eyebrows are back in fashion – the model has made eyebrows, in the truest sense of the word, a big topic. So she proves and convinces critics that eyebrows can be an absolutely great statement. Ever since Delevingne every styling-conscious woman wants to have perfect eyebrows. We’ll show you everything you need to know, from the right plucking, care and styling.


The right eyebrow styling and shaping can be very time consuming and a true millimeter of work. Of course, it is purely a matter of taste and it is up to you how you want it to look like. But it is important that not the trend is in the foreground, but the shape of your face fits. Even though the mega eyebrows at Cara Delevingne look awesome, that does not mean they fit you too.


A problem of many women is that the color of the eyebrows is inherently quite bright and they are thus barely visible. But that is absolutely no problem. There are many ways to darken the eyebrows. One way is to dye the eyebrows or dye them yourself. There are now also drugstore products that lead to a very good result.

If you do not want to color your eyebrows, you can also use eyebrow pencils. When choosing the right color, you should pay attention to your hair color and choose a similar tone. With the eyebrow pencil, you can not only make your eyebrows darker, but also fuller. It is important that you do not paint the skin. But the hair with fine lines, in the direction of growth, supplemented.

Tips & Tricks

1. Eyebrow templates can help you to find a beautiful shape. But you should make sure that the momentum and the length of the eyebrows are similar to your natural shape. If you are not sure, use the template to complete the 3 points above.

2. Eyebrows you should always pluck after showering. Then the pores are open, it only hurts half as much and the plucking leaves no red spots.

3. Always pluck the eyebrows from the bottom to the outside. This guarantees that the hair will regrow exactly the same way.

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