Special Offers!


Trade in your old website!

You have probably ended up on this page because you believe it’s time to refresh and update your website. Don’t be embarrassed, keeping up with technology and website trends can be a daunting task – don’t worry, that’s our job!

You may have built your site yourself or may have a directory company build it for you, sometimes this can show and your site can look very ‘generic’, many of them are built abroad in ‘web sweatshops’ and care not about your image (and are most certainly NOT FROM HULL) Is that how you want to be perceived?


Companies offering ‘quick and simple’ or ‘build your own’ websites are great for start-up presence on the web, but offer little support after your payment, and then they just move onto the next.


We have a proven track record with our customers satisfaction and we keep in touch with you (it works both ways). The more you succeed, the more recommendations we get and that’s just how we like to do business.


If you are looking for a new website, optimised for tablets and smartphones, with great presence on Google, and links to Facebook and Twitter (and a whole host of other benefits) give us a call and we will deduct FIFTY SMACKERS off ANY website we have, as long as you already have a live website.


Its time for a new you, let us be your Gok Wan of websites!

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