Is your website not performing?

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Here at Demon Websites Hull we know SEO! If your website is not performing then we are pretty sure we can get it sorted for you!


If your website wasn't designed by us and isn't working the way you want it to, its likely that one of a few things are wrong:


The Meta Data isn't correctly formatted

Meta Data is the hidden content on your site which tells Google what your website is about, and what is on the pages of your website. It includes three main areas Meta Title, Meta Description & Key Search Terms!


Meta Title is the title of each page, this is seen when your website shows up in Google as the blue title


Meta Description is a short description of the page on your website and is shown underneath the blue title on Google search.


Key Search Terms are the search terms that your desired audience will type into Google to find your website i.e. "Plumber Hull"


Your Site has no Sitemap or hasn't been submitted to Google

Your site should have a sitemap created for it. This is basically a document that shows what pages are on your site and in what order, this is then submitted to Google so it knows what pages to crawl and gather information on to accordingly rank and place on Google search results for your intended audience.


The site should also be submitted to Google for indexing so that it knows your site actually exists. (there is no use playing hide and seek with Google!)


Your site isn't popular enough to score in the top 10 pages of Google

If your site is showing up in Google for your desired key search terms but is only showing on other pages apart from Page 1 of Google then your website probably hasn't got enough inbound links from other websites, inbound links are when your website address (the www. bit) is listed on other websites! Google is constantly scanning (crawling) websites to find information, it also looks for links and the more links it finds on other websites pointing to your domain the more popular you are, therefore increasing your Google ranking within the desired key search terms!



So how can we help?

To get started we can provide you with a FREE report to let you know what your score is for desired key search terms, we will also let you know how many factors you have passed and failed to reach the first page of Google.

Once we have this information we can provide you with a plan of attack to start reaching your goals and increasing your Google ranking for the key search terms you think are beneficial to your business!

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