Carefully maintain and protect leather shoes in 3 steps

End of working day. Come home and take off your shoes and off to the corner with it. And then they are sad and waiting for their next assignment.

But not every shoe forgives such a deal. For example, leather shoes are just the right kind of nipples and need a lot of care – especially now in the fall, when dirt and rain put the shoes neatly. But the work is worthwhile. Because who takes care of his leather shoes, at best has a life of something from them.


First, you should thoroughly rid your shoes of dirt and grime. Best take a dry cloth for this. Be careful not to scratch the leather shoes when removing small stones.

When the dirt is dry you can use a special shoe brush. But beware: There are different brushes depending on the type of leather. Because with soft leather, such as suede or suede, the bristles of the cleaning brush should not be as hard as with shoes made of smooth leather.

After cleaning you should absolutely let your leather shoes dry. It’s best to stuff the shoes with some newsprint – so they stay in shape. And do not put your shoes in the blazing sun or on the heating due to impatience. Such direct heat sources harm the leather!

When the shoes are completely dry, it’s time to cream. Because the treatment with greasy care products, the leather is not only beautiful shiny, but also softer and more elastic. In addition, it can also be used to treat small scratches.

Important: Buy either transparent shoe polish or test the color beforehand in an inconspicuous place. This avoids unsightly stains and discoloration.

The shoe polish is best applied with a shoe cloth or a special brush. Do not forget the bottom of the sole and the heel. If both shoes are creamed, you should start immediately with the polishing, otherwise the cream dries.

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