Case Study – Eltherington

The Eltherington Group has for years been the market leader in the area for Aluminium and associated products and are looking to expand their product offering to different markets, thus looking for a new image.    e3

Our marketing team set aside time to understand the customer’s needs, their history, their current customers and their potential new customers.





We presented the Managing Director with an option of four logos, each having a specific and direct reasoning behind its design, split each of his business interest into units and gave each one its own identity. These logos were not ‘off the shelf’ and were crafted by our team, who learned not just about Eltheringtons clients and expected market position but where the company aspired to be.    

We had fun learning all aspects of aluminium too through our research (it is the most common metal element on the earth’s crust with 8.3% being aluminium don’t you know!) Also the many millions of variances of how aluminium can be used.


We also created an Animated Visual Display of our designs in which were projected at the proposal…. Which one do you prefer?







Case Study – Hull Truck

Hull Truck, set up by famous playwright John Godber , is a unique theatre experience focussing on the performance rather than the ‘razzle dazzle’ of regular theatres. Originally housed in an older facility, they have now moved into an award winning, Lottery Funded, state of the art Facility in the centre of Hull.

We were approached by the management team, via word of mouth, to see if we could assist in a creative solution to an existing problem – that of attracting a younger audience.

Our team reviewed the impressive facilities and found that the team were forward thinking and actually ‘quite cool’ – giving us licence to stray out of the box.


In brief, we took an unusual approach. Instead of trying to attract the younger crowd to the theatre with offers on ticket prices (giving money away is never a good thing!) we came up with a concept which asks people to join up for a new City Centre Discount Card, by liking the theatres Facebook page – hence building a database of potential customers to market to (which will be phase two)


The card promotion will be held in high profile places in the city such as St Stephens with a branded street team and an exhibition stand.

The scheme ‘tongue in cheek’ was names ‘Truck Off’, which of course stands for Truck Offer, depicting the cards value in offering discounts in almost 100 stores in Hull City Centre.

We provided designs for Exhibition stand, Marketing street wear and Plastic Membership Cards.

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